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The DigitalART by Clemens Niewoehner

On a simple denominator, you could call the images of Clemens Niewoehner digital collages or compositions. Mixed Media - Digitally Created ART Clemens Niewoehner shortly named DigitalART by CLN47, is a formation of contemporary art, that uses both  - traditional and digital technologies and medias. From scanned hand drawing and painting, from photography, graphics and digital painting, Clemens Niewoehner develops new digital compositions. The creation process takes place on the computer.

This is commented by Clemens Niewoehner on his website "Those who devote their mine and attention to digital image editing and image creation, will discover a world that does not let go of him again. It is thrilling, exciting and joyful to advance further into this new world, to reach new limits, to overcome these finally, opening new doors to revealing new horizons. It is a wonderful journey with many exhilarating experiences, a journey that I believe will never end, because there is always something new to discover. "

Clemens Niewoehner, born in 1947, was interested in art all his life, and now uses the time since his retirement to realize artistic projects. And so, according to his motto "Do what you do, quite!" he had realize numerous exhibitions in a few years, mainly in the districts of Diepholz, Nienburg and Osterholz (Lilienthal and Worpswede), the cities of Bremen, Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven as well as in Düsseldorf, Vienna and New York.

Four of his paintings were presented in the Baltic Biennial in October 2014, curated by the Diaghilev Museum of Modern Art in St. Petersburg.

- He is a founding member of " Art in the province e.V. "

- Member of BBK Osterholz in Worpswede ( Professional Association of Visual Artists )

- Member of the artist group " 15art15 ", a group of 15 artists, who publish a new work of art
  on the internet every Monday ( ).

- Under you will find via his blog ?DigitalART? insights into
  the digital creation process of an image. The images can be be downloaded as a monthly
  postcard from his website free.

- Member of further international artist groups and associations worldwide in social metworks

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