Coler Peter

 1940 Born in Fürstenberg/Oder...

1940 Born in Fürstenberg/Oder as painter and graphic autodidact
1972 Member in social-professional organisation of fine arts artists
1979 Scholarship of the Salzburger Government for the "Rauriser Malertagen" Austria (likewise 1981/82/84/85/86)
1980 Top prize for young artists of Salzburger Artists Association
1981 Participation in the Project "Arts in Governmental Organisations" of the state government of Salzburg. Lecturer at the adults education centre (Volkshochschule) Bayreuth
1986 Director of the "Rauriser Malertage" Austria
1987 Resident in the "Künstlerhaus" (Artists' Home) Salzburg
1988 Teaching contract at the University of Bayreuth
2004 Culture Prize of Bayreuth town
2007 Arts Prize of Nürnberger Nachrichten (Newspaper)
2010 Prize of Nürnberger Nachrichten (Newspaper)