Christof Ilka

 1950 I was born in Hagen...

1950 I was born in Hagen (Westfalen). At the Karl-Ernst-Osthaus-Museum of that place I first met abstract and informel painting. School, matriculation and study at the Highschool for fine arts in Kassel followed.

Filligree drawings were my primitive genre and photography has been with me since youth. From 1984 on I did oilpaintings in greater formats. Since 1996 they correspond to the (european) ?Informel? (analog to the abstract expressionism in USA), having been devellopped in the After-World-War-II-time. This means, they do not relate to any formal, symbolic or figurative contents. The process of painting itself is the central theme of the informal Painting ? the intime dialogue with the surface, the liquid or solid body of the paint to be layed on in several manners.